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LLM as a service

Our LLM as a Service offers fine-tuned models for SEA languages and tasks like Text-to-SQL, with efficient tokenization and seamless integration with frameworks like Langchain. We provide a cost-effective API that's up to 95% cheaper than others, simplifying AI service usage and billing.

One-click LLM deployment

Float16.cloud offers one-click LLM deployment using HuggingFace repo, saving time and effort with cost-effective, pay-per-hrs pricing and no rate limit. Our service ensures easy integration and accessibility, reducing deployment time by 40x and costs by up to 80%, with optimized performance technique like int8 (fp8) quantization, context caching and inflight (dynamic) batching.

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Effortlessly convert text to SQL queries, enhancing database interactions and streamlining data analysis with high accuracy and efficiency.



calculating the number of tokens used by each model.



Start a conversation with our chatbot, which supports multiple models


Why We’re Better

Multiple pricing strategy

We offer a variety of pricing strategies to suit your needs, including pay-per-tokens, pay-per-hrs, and serverless GPU compute.

Infrastructure for AI/ML workloads

We provide a comprehensive technique and script to help you deploy your AI/ML workloads on our infrastructure.

Spot instance without zero downtime

We provide a cost-effective solution like spot instance without zero downtime and no data loss. Save up to 90% on your GPU compute cost.

Developer First Community

We have a builder community and dev rel that can help you deploy, implement and launch your AI Applications.